It all starts with putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Examining the product, market research, and developing a strategy to get that product on stores shelves.

Once the product, strategy, and route to market plan are in place, the real work begins. Overseeing distribution, customer satisfaction, and constant evaluation is needed to make sure the process is a smooth one.

One thing is to get the product in shelves another is to help rotate sales and keep customers ordering more of your product. A complete marketing plan with a 360 degree approach is needed. Pricing, Merchandizing and Communications all most be part of the strategy.

At True North we have over a decade of experience in getting products on shelves in the United States and Latin America. We can help you develop a plan to enter what is a very competitive marketplace. Wether you just need market research, help in product development, getting your product in one store or retail chain, product distribution, marketing for your product, or all of the above, we can help. We work with great companies that can not only make your product, if needed, distribute your product, market your product.

All under one roof with one brand representative.

Product Development – Market Research – Route to Market – Distribution – Marketing – Advertising – Merchandising – Trade Shows and much more!