About Us


Founded in 2010 in Miami, FL, True North Trading, LLC was founded out of the need of manufacturers in Latin America to sell their products in the United States and other Latin American Markets. Our goal is not only to get a product on shelves but to help you develop a logistic and marketing plan that will ensure success in a specific market.

Our Business

Over the years True North Trading has been evolving in terms of the different business models it develops. Nowadays, it has 2 clearly differentiated models between manufacturing and marketing of different products in defined strategic segments.

1. True North Trading Brands Model: Those products where TNT has total control over the processes of innovation, development, planning, marketing, manufacturing and marketing of said products in the relevant channels.

2. Collaboration Models: Those products where TNT collaborates with a third party to develop some of the processes necessary to take those products into the hands of the consumer or end user.


To be recognized as the best manufacturer and commercialization company of high value brands, being the favorite option for our consumers, clients and principals in the U.S. and international market; through an exceptional work environment for the development of our human team.


Develop and commercialize products of massive consumption, profitable and sustainable in the time that satisfy the needs of our consumers, optimizing the use of our resources.

Our values 

– Ethics and integrity.

– Responsibility, respect and autonomy.

– Quality and continuous improvement.

– Equal opportunities.

– Training.

– Safety, health and environment.