Nutti Cream® Launches New Alternative to Popular Hazelnut Spread

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Nutti Cream® Launches New Alternative to Popular Hazelnut Spread

September 1, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Doral, FL – September 1st 2022 –  Orinoco Foods, doing business as True North Trading, LLC announces the launch of Nutti Cream®, a new hazelnut spread alternative. Italian inspired and made in the United States, the new spread began making appearances in stores in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, and Illinois. Customers in Dominican Republic, Panama, and other international locations have already ordered from Orinoco Foods.

The first presentation of Nutti Cream® comes in a classic 13oz (386g) jar. Single serve, family size, and food service options will be available in the coming months. Priced competitively to set its place in the spreads category and compete with leader Nutella®. Contract manufactured for True North Trading, by an Italian company with decades of experience in the category out of its manufacturing facility in the United States. This hazelnut spread with cocoa is the first brand by True North Trading/Orinoco Foods of others to follow in the near future.

Joseph Feo, CEO of TNT, stated that the goal is to market a quality product for everyone will eat and share with their families, but also one that US hispanics and people from Latin America can identify with. Feo, originally from Caracas, Venezuela wanted a product that was US/European quality but had bilingual (English/Spanish) packaging. He also noted that the price had to be low enough for everyone to have access to Nutti Cream®.

True North Trading/Orinoco Foods is looking for retailers and distributers alike who would like to offer this great tasting spread alternative to their customers. For more information contact them at:

Visit Nutti Cream®’s website, and and find it on social media @nutti_cream


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